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Home Additions Are a Popular Choice Among Everett Homeowners
Friday, December 30th 2022, 1:00 PM

Classic Remodeling NW Inc. Shares Expert Advice Regarding Home Additions in Everett, WA

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Classic Remodeling NW, Inc., a home additions company in Everett, works with homeowners who want to increase their square footage for a variety of reasons, including growing families, aesthetics, the need for more space, and the desire to increase property values. 

What Are the Popular Types of Home Additions in Everett? 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to home additions. The most popular home additions in Everett are: 

  • Kitchen additions: As more multi-generational families reside in the home, having two kitchens is convenient because it allows more than one family to coexist under the same roof seamlessly.
  • Sunroom additions: Compared to a standard room addition, a sunroom addition typically costs less. Plus, they allow homeowners to bask in Everett’s 163 days of sunshine annually.
  • Bathroom additions: According to Money Wisdom, bathroom additions yield a 102% ROI at resale. Plus, having an extra bathroom is always a good thing.
  • Master suite additions: Create a space to relax and spread out. Master suites can also be equipped with expansive walk-in closets for better organization.
  • Outdoor space additions: Creating an outdoor living space can be an economical project that turns a home into a vacation paradise.
  • Second story additions: Adding up is a potential option to preserve outdoor space. 


How Long Does It Take to Build a House Addition? 

Though every project is unique, the average time to complete an addition to a house is approximately four months. The process starts with site preparation and ends with finishing. For an outdoor space, landscaping could also be involved, which adds about one week to the project timeline. 

The four-month timeframe does not include having drawings completed or obtaining permits. Drawings can take one to two months to draft, and this process can be delayed if the homeowner has revisions.   

Another possible delay could come with permit approvals. When there are no issues, the permit can typically be approved within a month, but larger additions may take longer due to the appeals process. 

In all, with drawings, permits, and construction, the approximate project timeline would be about six to eight months, but this can vary dramatically. 


Is It Cheaper to Build Up or Out? 

In most situations, it is cheaper to build up rather than out. The reason is that building up doesn’t require increasing the size of the foundation or adding on to the roof. The home’s footprint remains the same.  

Homeowners looking to dramatically increase square footage may also choose the building-up option, especially if the alternative means reducing limited outdoor space or coming too close to a neighbor’s property line. 

Building up, however, is not always preferable for homeowners or family members with mobility challenges.  

Is It Better to Add on or Move? 

There is, of course, the option to forego the home addition and relocate entirely. 

There are several factors to consider before making a final choice:  

  1. Cost: Homeowners looking for space are wise to compare the price of acquiring a larger home with the price of staying put and adding space. The cost of room additions varies widely, from about $11,500 to over $120,000. Still, with real estate prices booming, a room addition could easily be the more economical option.

  2. Custom spaces: One of the biggest lures of room additions is the ability to create a custom space that is unique to the homeowner’s aesthetic and lifestyle. Finding a turnkey home that checks all the boxes is a difficult task. 

  3. Financing options: Many homeowners are pleased to find out that they’ve built up enough equity to pay for renovations. Further, these renovations could be tax deductible.

  4. Moving logistics: Moving houses has long been said to be one of the most stressful events humans encounter, especially with kids and pets.

  5. Emotional connection: According to the National Mortgage Professional, 80% of Americans love their home. It’s not always easy to walk away from a place that holds memories and sentimental value.  

Work with Everett’s High-End Home Additions Contractor

Homeowners seeking a top-notch home addition contractor in Everett should look no further than Classic Remodeling NW, Inc. To find out more about the add-on additions available to homeowners, please contact owner Ward Hampson at (425) 375-0601.  

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